Broadcasting Data Across Multiple Computers With the CerePlex Direct

At times, it may be necessary to broadcast the data from a computer attached to a CerePlex Direct system over a network so it can work with a remote PC running cbMEX, cbSDK, or NeuroMotive. Follow the instructions below to setup the hardware and software components. Contact if you encounter any issues.

Hardware Setup
Using an Ethernet cable, connect the CerePlex Direct Host PC (HostPC) to the 2nd PC (2ndPC).

Software Setup

On HostPC

1. Rename Network Interface to "NSP"
* Click on Start Menu
* Type "view network connections" in the search.
* Click on "View Network Connections". screenshot
* Right click on the network adaptor that is used in the connection we made above and select "rename". screenshot
* Rename the connection to "NSP". screenshot

2. Run script to set things up on HostPC
* Download and extract the file in your ***Downloads*** folder.
* Run click on install.bat and click on "Run as administrator". screenshot

On 2ndPC

Set the IP address of the 2ndPC so it can communicate with the network. See knowledge base:

At this point you can double click on the new shortcut created on the HostPC to run Central.