Broadcasting Data from nPlayServer to Multiple Computers

This article will cover how to make nPlayServer, Blackrock's data playback program, send data out from a computer as if it were a Neural Signal Processor. This can be done with CerePlex Direct or Neural Signal Processor systems as nPlayServer is independent of hardware.

To have nPlayServer broadcast data, simply download the file linked here; the same file is attached to this article.

The zip file contains a batch file that needs to be placed in the same location as the Central.exe within program files. Standard installation locations for this file are below:

CerePlex Direct: C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackrock Microsystems\CerePlex Direct Windows Suite

Cerebus: C:\Program Files(x86)\Blackrock Microsystems\Cerebus Windows Suite

When this batch file is executed, it will conveniently run nPlayServer in broadcasting mode so that data can be seen by other computers on the network (such as a computer running CBMEX or another instance of Central). To have these computers understand the data to be coming from an NSP, you will need to configure an ethernet port on the computer running nPlayServer to have the following address:


Any additional computer connected to an Neural Signal Processor (including nPlay), will need to take on an IP address that is unique, but in the following range:

192.168.137.xx (xx=1-16)

Run the batchfile and nPlayServer will run in the proper configuration. A shortcut can be made to this batchfile if needed.