Troubleshooting an Amplifier Power Supply in Error Mode

Potential Causes of an Error Mode
1) Bad fuse in the power receptacle of the supply
2) Bad fuse(s) internal to the power supply
3) Short in power cable connector on power supply
4) Short in power path external to the supply (cable, amplifier, components connected to amplifier)

1) Connect the power supply to power, but disconnect the power cable that goes to the amplifier.
- If supply doesn’t turn on at all, check fuses in power receptacle
- If supply goes into error mode, then there is either a short in the connector for the amp power cable, or the internal fuses are bad. It would need to come back to Blackrock for further diagnostics and repair

2) Connect the power supply to the amplifier, but disconnect any inputs to the amplifier. Power up the power supply.
- If the supply doesn’t go into error mode, then the problem is likely a short in something that gets connected to the inputs of the amplifier.
- If the supply does go into error mode, then there is a short in the cable to the amplifier or in the power connector on the amplifier. Try swapping out with different cable or amplifier if possible to isolate the faulty part.