Interpreting Cerebus Digital Input Data

In Raster Plot, Central can visualize digital inputs as separate pins, but the data is not saved as separate channels for each pin. Rather, the state of all sixteen pins makes up a single 16-bit integer value. Additional information can be found at the following links:

The .nev file contains the raw 16-bit integer value, not the binary value. When loading the .nev file in Matlab, the values will be found in NEV.Data.SerialDigitalIO.UnparsedData.

For those who wish to look at the data in binary, running the Matlab function dec2bin() will convert the decimal values to binary:

Those with more familiarity with Matlab variable types may prefer to run cellstr(dec2bin(NEV.Data.SerialDigitalIO.UnparsedData)) in order to output the data into a cell array:

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