How to install the latest version of Central and NSP Firmware

If your current NSP firmware, displayed on the NSP's LCD, is below version 4.00 do not perform this upgrade. Contact support for more information

Please follow these instructions carefully, follow every step, and read all the notes.

To install the firmware:
1. Download the latest Firmware for the NSP from our website:
2. Verify that the NSP you would like to upgrade is the only NSP connected to the computer and that the IP address of the Ethernet port used is set to The firmware installer will only update teh firmware on the NSP at this address.
3. Turn the NSP on.
4. Wait for the NSP to go through initialization. Once the NSP says "NSP Startup" then it is ready.
5. Double click on the UpdateNSPFirmware file you downloaded in step 1.
6. Click on Setup.
7. Press "y" and then hit enter.
8. Wait for the upgrade to finish. This may take about a minute.
9. Press any key to exit the update utility and to restart the NSP.

To install Central Windows Suite:
1. Before installing the new software the old version of Central needs to be uninstalled. Click on Start and navigate to Control Panel.
.....Windows XP: Click on Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Program. Find Central Windows Suite and then click on "Uninstall".
.....Windows 7: Click on start, type "uninstall a program". Click on "Uninstall a Program". Find Central Windows Suite, Right click on it and click on Uninstall.
2. Download the latest Central Windows Suite from our website:
3. Run the Installer and follow the instructions to finish the installation.
4. A shortcut will be placed on the desktop.