Stim-Switch Troubleshooting

There are two versions of the Stim Switch, the older 5532 with BNC connectors only and the newer, more common 5575 with 8 DB connectors on the front (two for each Bank)

The older switch is controlled by RS 0061StimComm
The newer switch is controlled by RS 0064 StimComm 128

There is only one version of each piece of software.

1) Attempt to connect to the StimComm128 software
Connect the Stim Switch to power, the PC via USB and to a stim switch headstage (8035)
Wait for USB drivers to be installed, check in device manager to see what com port the Stim Switch is addressed on
Run StimComm128 then "options" "Settings..." and select the correct com port
Restart StimComm128 and verify that there is no error on startup.

Note: Stimcomm only supports the first 9 com ports. If the first 9 ports are assigned already by windows you will have to open windows Device Manager and remove a device assigned to one of the first 9 and assign the Stim Switch to this now open port.

2) Attempt to set all channels on Bank A to stimulate
Configure StimComm128 as below
Select "Check All" and then "Set Electrodes"
Select "Control on" and then "Set Stim"
Verify the bottom right says "Connected Banks: A"

Verify that the indicator lights on the Stim Switch and Headstage are as follows

3) Manually set recording mode and blanking mode
While staying in "Control On" select "Set Blank" and "Set Record"
Verify that the indicator lights on the headstage change accordingly
Creation date: 3/9/2018 5:39 PM      Updated: 4/12/2018 6:07 PM